Pict • io

An inclusive mini-game for humans and quasi-humans!

How to Play

This game provides humans and machine with a common problem to solve as teams, where players must make themselves understood through drawings.

Participants: 2 teams composed of 2 humans and 1 tablet.

Contents: 1 board, 1 dice, 1 frame and 2 pawns.

The goal of the game: Make the team's pawn the first to go all the way through the board.

1. Each team chooses a pawn and places it at the beginning of the board.

2. Each team selects one person to be the first drawer. The team players alternate the drawer at each round.

3. The first drawers of each team throw the dice and advance into the board, which provides them with the first challenge. There are three categories of challenges:

  • A. Drawing on the Wall
  • B. Blind Drawing with Left/ Right Hand
  • C. Verbal Description

4. The drawers can not use other means of communication rather than those indicated for each challenge.

5. If the team is able to complete the challenge, they can throw the dice and play one more time. After that, it is the other team’s turn to throw the dice.

6. The game continues this way until one of the pawns completes the entire course.